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Whether in “Big Blue Country” or “The Big Apple,” equipped with a Tennessee State and Empire State of Mind, Charles is in “charge” in every sense of the iconic phrase.

Charles H. Galbreath, Jr is a premier leader in the tumultuous, yet evolving field of juvenile justice. As a senior consultant for an internationally renowned consulting organization, Charles reforms juvenile justice systems. 

In Charles’ current New York City contract, coaching, training, mentoring, and monitoring services are provided to employees ranging from direct care staff to commissioners within the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and New York City Administration of Child Services. Supported by his leadership, the historically punitive correctional systems have been seamlessly rolled over to a group therapeutic approach adapted from the award-winning Missouri Approach.  

What started as “just a job” turned into an executive level consultant career.  Immediately following college, Charles made a commitment to the field of juvenile justice, starting as a youth specialist for the Missouri Division of Youth Services. This role required him to interact constructively and critically with juvenile offenders in a maximum-security residential treatment facility.  

Armed with the belief that there are no "bad" kids –- only youths that need encouragement, support, hope, higher expectations, resources, alternatives, and caring adults, Charles promoted and impressed this attitude across the juvenile justice organization.  As a result, many of his youths successfully re-entered school and earned a high school equivalency or pursued higher educational career or vocational goals and became positive members of their communities.

Galbreath quickly excelled, becoming a statewide trainer for the Missouri Department of Social Services.  As a trusted agency leader, he led the department’s Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Committee and served on the Missouri State Employee Recognition Committee.  While serving the state of Missouri, he was a member of the Missouri Juvenile Justice Association and a leadership coach/facilitator to the Missouri Child Support Enforcement Association. Consequently, his commitment and dynamic presentation skills made him an undeniable public figure to represent Missouri’s Juvenile Justice Approach on an international platform.

With the same zeal, Charles is a visionary leader within the Tennessee State University Alumni community. He has served in the administrations of two Tennessee State University National Alumni Association (TSUNAA) national presidents. His first position was the Young Alumni Coordinator and his current appointment is the Strategic Planning & Organizational Effectiveness chairman. 

As well, Charles effectively served three years as the president of the TSUNAA Greater St. Louis Chapter.  Prior to his presidency, though, he founded the Big Blue Giveaway which is an annual initiative that encourages alumni to randomly bless undergraduate students with care packages, cash, gift cards, and mentorship. Charles established the Big Blue Giveaway Scholarship Fund within the  TSU Foundation. In addition to being a live member of TSUNAA, he is a member of the university’s President’s Society and Legacy Society.

Charles H. Galbreath, Jr is a 2004 graduate of Tennessee State University, earning a degree in Business Administration, Marketing. He also holds a masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York.  

Active in the New York City community, Charles supports the Brooklyn Museum and the New York City Public Library as a member/friend.  He is also an advocate for the HBCU Hub and an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.