Chapter Development

Chapters are the foundation of the alumni association. Each chapter needs strong leadership to continue meeting their purposeful goals. As president, I will prioritize enhancing developmental support for chapter, regional, and national leadership. I will provide leaders with the training to develop inclusive communities and support chapters in facilitating opportunities for growth. 


Currently, less than 1% of TSU graduates are active members of the alumni association. Reactivation is about healing whatever caused alumni to disengage, creating opportunities for alumni to reconnect outside of financial contributions, and re-centering in alumni interests. As president, I will create opportunities for disconnected members to provide feedback on their experiences and respond to these concerns.


The TSU alumni dynasty spans across generations. It includes people who grew up on Saturday morning radio shows to those who streamed cartoons in high definition on their smartphones. Instead of seeing these different lived experiences and perspectives as an opportunity to learn from one another we have become divided into young and long time alumni. But, the truth is we are all one large network of Tigers, unified by our love of TSU. Each generation presents significant value to other generations. As president, I will cultivate intergenerational relationships to showcase the strengths of every generation. 


It is important to think, to work, and to serve in the world. The alumni association should be the central point of support to advance this mission in our adult lives. Impact is about creating innovative opportunities for alumni to serve their communities using their talents and skills. As president, I will collaborate with chapter leadership to identify issues directly impacting their communities and support alumni in creating and implementing solutions.

Student Enrichment

When we reflect on the generations of alumni that we are connected to, we must also reflect on future generations of alumni. With every new freshmen class enters a new body of alumni. However, we currently lose contact with many recent graduates because many of them have not prioritized alumni involvement. My job as president, then, is to create an alumni mentality from the moment they arrive on campus. I will connect with student leaders to provide current students mentoring and networking opportunities. The association will add value to on-campus student life to create motivation to invest and connect with the association after graduating this will create a sustainable, mutually-beneficial relationship between the student body and the association.


Chapter Development, Reactivation, Unification, Impact, and Student Enrichment are rooted in and further cultivate empowerment. Empowerment for each of us and our whole alumni community to nourish ourselves, to further connect with our alumni network, and to transform the world. Under my presidency, I will strive to create a system in which alumni can be empowered and tune in to the valuable and relevant alumni network.